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Boost sales with a custom app you can deploy today

Arm your field team with one powerful app to track leads, access product information, book orders, and close more deals on the go.


Turbocharge your sales team!

A mobile app your team will finally love using

Access information from anywhere, on any device

Keep sales reps organized with up-to-date customer information, inventory levels, pricing, specs, and more, centralized in one app.

Unlock productivity in the field

Reduce phone calls and paperwork with a professional-grade mobile app that makes creating, tracking, and managing orders a breeze.

Eliminate manual busywork

Automate tedious data entry so your sales reps can focus on delivering superior service and closing more deals.


Turn your spreadsheets into a sales engine

Bring all your data together

Replace dispersed data across different systems with a centralized platform that provides your company with a single source of truth.

Increase visibility across your team

Gain valuable insights into your sales team. Track rep activity, visualize order trends and top-performing products, and identify sales patterns.

Fine-tune access and control

Set multi-level permissions for sales reps or managers so you can collaborate securely across different workflows.

Manage your field sales with Hive

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