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Transform how you manage your inventory

Track parts and supplies, record sales, manage stock levels, and streamline processes with custom tools you can deploy today.


Level up your operations workflows

Build the work tools you need

Create professional tools that match your inventory workflows with flexible data sources, customizable components, and powerful integrations built to scale.

Make sense of your business data

Gain valuable insights into your inventory performance. Visualize order trends and top-performing products, and track sales patterns.

Share apps securely with one click

Publish your apps and tools across your company and set multi-level permissions to enable secured collaboration across different teams.




Save Time 


Fully customisable


Build to scale


Offline functionality avaliable 


Works on any device

A mobile app your team will love using

Manage inventory from anywhere

View inventory levels, record sales, and monitor stock movements in real-time from any device, whether in the warehouse or the office.

Eliminate manual processes

Turn your spreadsheets into a mobile app that eliminates manual data entry. Scan barcodes to add items, update quantities, initiate stock movements, and more in a few clicks.

Bridge the communication gap

Create tailored notifications and custom alerts for low or high stock levels and status changes so you can always stay proactive and up-to-date.


Ready to Transform How You Manage Your Inventory?

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